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Powerful LMS Insights and Analysis Engine for teachers and lecturers

  • Launched September 2021.

  • Used in 4,000 classes by more than 1,500 teachers within the Israeli Ministry of Education.

  • Expected to grow to 5,000 classes this year.

  • Enthusiastic feedback from users.

Coming up

Boost efficacy and productivity with the teacher's co-pilot app evolved from our experience with Blender

Our Story

Blendalytics is a spinoff of MindCET, Israel's leading edTech innovation center. 

We have worked from day one with users to provide meaningful and actionable information to teachers in blended and distance learning.

Our vision is to collaborate with educational institutions and edTech companies to bring meaningful insights to teachers. 

What We Do

At Blender, we work with educators and edTech companies to provide insights and pedagogical recommendations for teachers and lecturers in a simple and concise manner.

Learning analytics is one of the fastest growing segments in the EdTech world, and with every product we build we strive to help teachers and improve the quality of education.

About Us

Mindcet logo PNG.png

Blender is MindCET Ignite initiative.

MindCET is the leading EdTech innovation center in Israel, running R&D programs, Start-up accelerator and EdTech capital fund.


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